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Angga kara inspire

Indonesian born, living in the north of England. 
Citizen of the world. 

I started journey in 2003 when I was 17, devising and facilitating my own project using fashion as a way to help under privileged young men express themselves, discuss barriers, inspiration & aspirations with the aim to take positive steps in life with better mental health. The area back then was rife with gangs, drugs & violent crimes. This sparked my interest in social enterprise and where it all began.

I have vast experience in various industries spanning from fashion, education, dance, theatre, printing, events management & consultancy.

Over the years I've worked hard to grow my endeavours without taking regards of my wellbeing. I've helped built 6 figures social enterprises, designed & delivered group facilitation to providing consultancies for various organisations.

I've crashed multiple times in life, but every time I've picked myself back up with "I can get through this" without solving the underlying problems.
Part of the pressure of being a man, I kept it all to himself, unbeknown to the rest of the world, I smiled through the internal suffering.

Until my body, mind, spirit and relationship came all crashing down! It was a crisis, what I call a quarter life crisis / existential crisis. 

I took time out, recollecting pieces of myself and luckily attended an international leadership programme in Tuscany where I was "broken apart and put back together in a way that is in line with my values, mission and purpose in life."

I was inspired to learn more about this magical technique they used, and it was coaching. 
Spending a year learning about executive leadership coaching,  being really drawn into positive psychology and mindfulness as lens to help shine different perspectives in my clients lives.


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Fun facts:

I can make a dragon with my hands.
I played chess with a member of Wu-tang clan.
I have a vast collection of hats.
I'm a movement artist and theatre actor in the past, we created a nationally touring show exploring the relationship between father and son. 
My great, great, great grand father started his own village rebelling against the colonisation of the dutch.
I'm obsessed with Japanese anime & I grew up reading comics I couldn't afford in bookshops in Indonesia.
I've been homeless in the past so now I can sleep anywhere and really grateful as I have a roof over my head.
I couldn't speak English when i first arrived, my first word was "bucket".