Angga kara inspire

Indonesian born, living in the north of England. 
Citizen of the world. 


I started journey in 2003 when I was 17, devising and facilitating my own project using fashion as a way to help under privileged young men express themselves, discuss barriers, inspiration & aspirations with the aim to take positive steps in life with better mental health. The area back then was the 6th worse area in England for gangs, drugs & violent crimes. This sparked my interest in social enterprise and where it all began.

This expanded into various industries spanning from fashion, education, dance, theatre, printing, events management & consultancy.

Early Personal Development Journey.

In 2006, I started my personal development journey after being identified as “one of the top 20 young social entrepreneurs in the UK” to attend residential training in creativity & leadership in London.

This sparked my interest in personal development exploring a variety of methods to understand my brain, expand my knowledge and to serve others as best I can.

The trap of success.

My journey as a social entrepreneur & creative consultant led me to work with great people, brands & organisations spanning across many disciplines. 
I helped to build multiple fast growth 6 figure social enterprises and was pushing hard in life without thinking about my own wellbeing
I bottled in negative emotions all my life, as a man I held a belief that "I should be strong and handle all my s*** together and crack on" and I played a persona who I think the world wanted to see.

This lead to what I call a quarter life crisis. I had several burnouts before but this was different.

My health, mind and relationships was in turmoil. 
When different areas of my life collapsed it lead me into severe depression, self destructive behaviours and a dark depth journey into my mind.
At some point of the journey, I was even scared of my own brain and felt like I couldn't control it.

I even questioned multiple times whether it was worth continuing my journey at all.

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Life re-evaluation.

I delved deeper into this personal development journey on an International Leadership programme in Lucca, Italy with the WYSE International NGO.
A programme supporting emerging leaders from all over the world for global change, affliated with the U.N.
This programme left me feeling like I had been “broken apart and put back together in a way that is in line with my values, mission and purpose in life.

This led me the question, what was this powerful techniques that transformed my life?

It was coaching.

After this life changing experience I was inspired retrain in 1 year coaching programme with the WYSE supporters TPC Leadership who are based in 12 countries worldwide. Both of these organisations are extremely respected within their fields and offer outstanding training and personal growth experiences. 
Collectively they changed my life and I am honoured to have received such outstanding training from pioneering and experienced coaches in the field.
I am an accredited EMCC Coaching Practitioners Qualification in Executive Coaching.

I've coached many professionals from celebrities, C-suite level executives, management consultants and high performing entrepreneurs.

I develop bespoke & run group coaching programmes in personal development in the workplace in the UK and internationally.

My 1-1 coaching are exclusive to a maximum of 10 clients at any one time.
This ensures I consistently bring my full present self to every single session to serve you the best I can.
They are fully tailored 3 months and 1 year programmes.


Live your authentic self.

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Our Office —
108 the moor
S1 4PD

8 Fun facts about me:

1 / I can make a dragon with my hands.
2 / I played chess with a member of Wu-tang clan.
3/ I have a vast collection of hats.
4/ I'm a movement artist and theatre actor in the past, we created a nationally touring show exploring the relationship between father and son. 
5/ My great, great, great grand father started his own village rebelling against the colonisation of the dutch.
6/ I'm obsessed with Japanese anime & I grew up reading comics I couldn't afford in bookshops in Indonesia.
7/ I've been homeless in the past so now I can sleep anywhere and really grateful as I have a roof over my head.
8/ I couldn't speak English when i first arrived, my first word was "bucket". 

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