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1-1 coaching services

Let us train our minds to desire what the situation demands.
— Seneca


1-1 Executive Coaching

Executive leadership coaching provides working partnership with a supportive challenge that benefits individuals and organisations by improving performance through the development of skills, confidence and focus.

Explore leadership styles, personal values, beliefs and everything in between that affects the decisions you make in business and life.

It’s lonely at the top, as you grow and elevate in your role / business.
It gets harder and harder to be open and honest about what your finding difficult.

There are rigorous daily challenges for being a leader and unfortunately over time our conditioning triangle grows which limits your creativity.  

When you are ready to take the challenge to grow, I’m ready to be your thinking partner and help to shine lights onto parts that you’ve been neglecting to holistically improve your life which in turn improve performance. 

As (real) changes takes time to implement,
typical relationships last between 6 - 12 months.




Men face pressures from all sides of life and most of the time we bear it.
What happens when the pressures are too much?
What does it mean to be a great man/father/husband in the 21st century?
What is my definition of masculinity?
What are my values and what is important to me?

What are we prepared to sacrifice on our path to greatness?

We as men, generally speaking "get on with it."
When in our lives do we really stop to think, ponder and explore these topics?
When do we shine an honest light to ask what are we doing with our physical, emotional and spiritual fitness? 

We're only given 1 body in life and it's up to us to look after it. Mortality is looking us in the eyes and we fool ourselves like it's never going to happen.
According to Men's health forum "Healthy life expectancy (HLE) at birth and at age 65. This is lower for men than women."
What good if we have all the money in the world and we cannot spend time to enjoy it? Our bodies fail us and we don't have the energy even take our grandchildren to the park.
While in Japan the average is 83.7, the highest in the world. Many Japanese men can enjoy time with their great, great grandchildren. Living very actively in their later years. What can we learn?
This is just 1 aspect, not even delving into the emotional side and mental health. 

Have a look at the scale of the problems we face below studied by Mental Health forum.

I work with men who are ready to commit and willing to put down their ego to define and achieve their own version of greatness. 

It's been a difficult self discovery journey for me to shine an honest light, venturing to the dark depths of my mind and coming back with a purpose of helping mankind to grow, re-define what it means to be a great man in the 21st century.
I believe by doing this it's my contribution to society to make it a better place for future generations. 

I also run regular group sessions with men from the ages of 19 - 65, as a safe space to men to take off the masks we wear in society to have honest conversations with other men. 
It's an ever evolving passionate practice of mine and every mans needs are different.  

It's a long term partnership where I only work with those that ready to invest in themselves. 

scale of the problems for men.jpg


1-1 holistic Personal Growth coaching

How often do we want to develop new habits and it just falls on the wayside?

We want to achieve our potential.
These being to become physically fitter, improving confident, earning more money, having a better work-life balance. 
More often than not, life gets in the way.
Next thing you know, time has already flown, without realising how long it's been.
1 month, 6 months, 2 years?
Then you realise you need to make a change again and the cycle continues. 

Einstein said "we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that we created them."

Are you ready to explore what it takes for you to grow?
It's viewing your own life with a lens of honesty & to be truthful it will be hard work. 
It takes commitment, drive and courage & it's not for everyone. 
You might not like and enjoy everything but this is part of transformation. 
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes.
Rebuild your inner fire.

Creativity is my top strength, over the years my passion of "hacking the brain" using tools from a number of different practices from 3000 year old esoteric eastern philosophies to modern positive psychology and more.

I bring in wonderfully interesting & sometimes viewed as strange tools and techniques with the aim to disrupt your patterns of thinking and shine new perspectives. 

I  help individuals like yourself shift paradigms and perspectives with an exploration of your direct, lived experience of the reality you have created in order to empower you to make way for what is desired.

The question is do you want to work on being your best authentic self one day or would you like this to be day one of your growth. You choose.




This coaching is specifically tailored to those who are creative in their fields.

Being in the creative industry since 2003, I've worked with individuals from a plethora of levels. 
I've worked with creatives from a seedling of ideas to creative directors of multi national creative agencies.
I've helped creatives reframe thinking which catapulted them to work with some of the worlds biggest brands including Facebook, Google, Sprite and more. 

Come and explore what are you personal barriers to success.
What is your definition of success? 
Who are your ideal clients?
What's stopping you from winning high paying clients?
What do you do to be in the mix of the right people that can commission the work?
How agile are you in a changing nature and landscape of creative work? 

As your creative coach, I delve in exploring a combination of mindset, strategy and action planning.

How committed are you to achieving success?
I only work with those that are committed and I'll be honest with you when we have our consultation if we aren't a good fit for each other. I don't want to take your money if I can't help deliver value in what you do.
I'm here to support you each step of the way, compassionately honest in your personal growth.

It's not easy, if it were, everyone would be a creative.

It takes a certain type of person to be dedicated, driven and passionate in the work that they do.
Do you have what it takes? 

It's usually a 6 - 9 months investment in self growth.