Public Speaking

Angga Kara inspire at CreativeMornings Sheffield, part of global network of breakfast lecture series.
Sheffield Hallam University, June 2019

Angga Kara Interviewing Yannick Jacob about his new online course "Positive Psychology for Coaches" Register for the course at Learn more about Yannick's work at

TEDxSheffield 2013.

Angga kara inspire shares his inspirational story of resilience, persistence and seeing the glass half full, in his case, bucket half full. Indonesian born, social entrepreneur and executive coach.

This was just before his 2nd burnout which what he calls a quarter life crisis which nearly cost him his life, marriage and important relationships.

2013 talk during my social entreprenership journey.
Google Campus, London

One of the founders of Hantu Collective and Yorkshire Tee, TED x speaker and all round entrepreneurial spark. Dream Act Inspire is a series of events by UnLtd, foundation for social entrepreneurs, where we showcase inspiring and passionate UnLtd award winners and innovators.


Would you like add some inspiration to your event?

I can compare, deliver a talk, lecture and even run an impromptu ice breaker for you event.  
I develop materials to suit the target audience to deliver maximum impact.

Some of previous topics include:
- my journey as a social entrepreneur turned coach
- quarter life crisis
- mental health, wellbeing / impact of lack of it. 
- 10 tips to cultivate your inner fire
- masculinity
- experiential learning
- resilience
- creativity

angga talk 2.jpeg

Lecture at Uni of Sheffield


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