Happy Clients

Throughout the course of our sessions I have genuinely made some life changing decisions both in my personal life
and professional, by listing them and reading them back I feel like a parody of someone who has been on a life coaching course as the results have been unreal.

I have sold a house I was having legal trouble with, got a promotion
and in turn a pay rise, rekindled important supportive relationships and developed a new sense of gratitude. I cannot recommend enough
— Seb K - Creative Director Feed.xyz

1-1 Coaching


"I appreciated his gentle approach and felt a genuine interest and care for me as a client. He made me feel comfortable, safe to open up and was fully present."

— Luke - Sheffield City Region Executive Team 

" I’ve enjoyed the sessions very much, and they have been very useful in making progress in my work and life. I feel like I've moved forward in a short amount of time, and I am energised to continue to make progress, especially as I can now see where that progress should lead. I also believe that I have the confidence to bring what I now want to achieve together with the changes in behaviour I have been wanting to make for a while. I'm expecting this to make a big difference to my life."

— Mark - Creative Producer

 The coaches appropriate use of imagery, creativity and their skilful use of language to explore my individual situation -ensuring the creation of an environment which allows for deeper thinking and understanding of thematic topics and their interconnectedness; including the perspectives not just from a self-awareness aspect but also from the perspective of my peers and the organisation viewpoint.

— Maxine  - Sheffield Hallam University Education Senior Management

" I really liked the concepts used to help breakdown the understanding of ones self. Gave me another perspective to tackle challenges and doubts.” 

— Kerim - Branding Specialist and movement artist


Group coaching & workshops

“ The general learning environment I really enjoyed i feel I took in a lot more than from a school teacher or lecture I felt engaged the whole time pushed out my comfort zone in the right way and feel l have come out with a clear understanding of my previous issues. ”  

— James - Music Artist and Creative collective lead.

Lecturer at Lisbon University in Contemporary Advertising shares her experience in attending the Creative Practitioners Self awareness Programme.

”…super productive, 3 hours workshop that feels like a weekend workshop. Full of practical tips that can boost your habits or kick off bad habits..”

Amanda from www.hungryhearts.love. Amanda is a multi-cultural, curious and creative brand designer, explorer & foodie.

Amanda shares her experience from our Lisbon workshop.

”I came in not knowing what this workshop is all about…I have to say it resonated with me alot. The values exercise is something that I’ve not allowed myself to take time to do… It was nice to put down on paper all my values..”

James from that good collective that works with music, fashion and events shares what he feels has been the benefits of attending full day Creative Practitioners Self-awareness Programme.

”I came in in tired…throughout the day I’ve been engaged non stop… really enjoyed and taken alot from it..”

Kerim - Graphic designer under Kerim Peerthy and movement artist under Special K shares the benefits he has after attending the Creative Practitioners Self awareness Programme.

”You guys broke down how to evaluate yourself and attain your goals.”

Anya, a dancer and digital video arts creative practitioner shares the benefits of attending Creative Practitioners Self awareness Programme.

”..I feel like I learned alot about myself and would recommend anyone to do it..”