Coaching Magid Magid, Member of European Parliament & 2018-2019 Lord Mayor Sheffield, UK.

Coaching Magid Magid, Member of European Parliament & 2018-2019 Lord Mayor Sheffield, UK.

Executive Coach, Social Entrepreneur & Tedx Speaker


Reclaim yourself. Reclaim your power.


Hi I'm Angga Kara, founder of inner fire coaching. I'm an executive coach, I draw knowledge from positive psychology, mindfulness, stoic philosophy and social entrepreneurship.

I help you re-discover lost zest for life and holistically develop inner fire (resilience) & mental wellbeing.
I have worked diversely with C-suite level executives, celebrities to creative professionals to highly successful entrepreneurs. Helping all to shine a light on parts of life that often are neglected.

I take a holistic and my clients say a “zen-like” approach to personal mastery. I fuse my creativity into my work.
I don’t improve my clients’ lives, I transform them. Often radically. 

I’ve experienced the “trap of success”, being a Type A personality, early in my 20s, I helped to build multiple fast growth 6 figure social enterprises and was pushing hard in life without thinking about my own wellbeing.
This lead me to the point of multiple burnouts.
Read more about me here.

I've been featured or worked with great people from organisations such as:

Impact Hub Lisbon, The university of Sheffield, Leeds Beckett University, Unltd, Alzheimer’s society, Sheffield Hallam University, Apple, MTV, Sheffield City Council, Tramlines festival, REDBULL & more

Angga kara inspire experience
“ My coach has a way of distilling somewhat complicated situations Into digestible analogies to help bring clarity to something that can otherwise seem overwhelming, thus easing anxiety and working with me to consider actionable solutions to my problems/challenges.
— Seb Koseda - Creative Director of ( International award winning creative and technology agency )
“ He was adept at introducing tools at key points where my thinking was blocked or needed to be enhanced in some way...his gentle personality and ability to be present and hold the space were also impressive”
— Luke Owen - Sheffield City Region Executive Team
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*Invest in yourself by investing in Angga*
Angga’s commitment to delivering an exemplary service is unquestionable.

Angga creates the space you need by being personable, professional and relatable. He doesn’t just know the theory - he lives the life. His natural aura will cast aside any doubts one might have about accessing coaching. You *will* leave his company feeling lighter and better equipped to face the challenges of being a leader.
— Chris Hill - C.E.O of Element Society

I've coached many professionals from celebrities, C-suite level executives, management consultants to highly succesful entrepreneurs.

I develop bespoke & run group coaching programmes in wellbeing and personal development in the workplace in the UK and internationally.

My 1-1 coaching are exclusive to a maximum of 10 clients at any one time.
This ensures I consistently bring my full present self to every single session to serve you the best I can.
They are fully tailored 3 months, 6 months and 1 year programmes.


Pay it forward

Social enterprise is very close to my heart. I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of so many people that reached out and believed in me when I was young. I'm continuing the chain of love. My one to one coaching & group facilitation work helps to fund my pay-it-forward scheme giving back to marginalised and disadvantaged groups in the local community.

My main focus is:
MEN UP NORTH (M.U.N) is a men only group sessions to create a safe space to have open honest conversations.
We are a forward thinking community of men from 21-60 attending from 15 different heritage & social backgrounds from the unwaged, students, successful business owners to C-suite level executives.

M.U.N sessions are usually fully booked with a waiting list. Most recently in 3 hours!

The aim is to bring men from wide age groups and different walks of life together to share, listen and to gain an understanding of the different perspectives on issues men face relating to mental health and navigating what it means to be man in the modern world.

Since then M.U.N provided over 300 spaces for men in our groups, engaged over 1000 men and women internationally in conversations of masculinity.