The Hantu Collective

It all started as a community project in '03 using fashion as a way to help under privileged young men express themselves, discuss barriers, inspiration & aspirations with the aim to take positive steps in life with better mental health. 
Bravely, during the recession, Angga & Geo collaborated and created a fashion label that kickstarted the streetwear movement in Sheffield. Soon after they realised that more and more people wanted to get involved.
Somehow it turned to a collective, design & consultancy agency and much more.  
The members grew to 3 continents in various different fields.

Hantu's members have core values of collaboration, skills & network sharing.

We had great successes from working with big corporate brands to community groups. 
We curated, designed, facilitated collaboration projects that ranges from small local community projects to International exchanges. 
Since inception and growth, all our members have skyrocketed to success.
What we didn't do was plan on what we would do when we achieve our mission:

"Helping our members to excel in life with whatever practice they choose to do" 

Now all our members are too successful, not a bad place as we fulfilled our original mission. 

The by product means HANTU collective has to go dormant.
All great things must come to an end, thank you for being and supporting us with us in the journey through our various iterations.

Hantu means spirit in Indonesian, which means it's timeless. 
Maybe one day when the right person are looking to revive the sleeping phoenix.

Until then this is goodbye.
It's been fun, exciting and enriching to all our lives.

Some of our favourite projects below:


We were:

Worldwide collective of multi-disclipinary creative practitioners, helping to solve social problems using creativity, collaborations & thought leadership.

We help connect and understand disengaged millennials. 

We offer coaching services, workshop facilitation, public speaking, branding & artwork creations.

We are a mental wellbeing advocate.  

Hantu Collective and Team organised the world's 1st fashmob (fashion show mob) at 2010

Sheffield Cathedral Fashion Show hosted by the HANTU collective in Sheffield 18th Sept 2010.
5  fashion labels, 10 live art artists, 3 bands, 10 dancers. 

As part of a Sheffield Council road safety campaign, Hantu Collective worked with young people offering the opportunity to create and modify T shirt designs to incorporate reflective materials. Ogle Films captured this video of the design and manufacture process.

Promo video Soul Powered's 'Tear it Up International Bboy Championships' @ the Hub festival 2011 supported by Hantu Collective, Liverpool City Council, Red Bull, Sole Searchers, Eastpak, Live Wire studios, Anamal studios, UK, LRG and Mecca Clothing.

Annie Mac @ The tuesday club
Supported by Hantu Collective

Submotion Orchestra @ the Tuesday Club.
Supported by Hantu Collective

Redbull Curates: Hantu Collective @ the leadmill

We brought together the hottest and hippest local brands, musicians & dancers to curate an experience for the general public to connect with creatives.  

Hantu Collective brought together 6 artists to customise Redbull fridges which were distributed to the hippest local bars and clubs. 

hantu collective
Angga kara with Annie Mac

Angga kara with Annie Mac

Moving Forward

We proud to see our members are located all over the world in the places below, following their dream, passion and making a difference in the world they live in.

Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, London


Amsterdam ( Netherlands ) , Lucca (Italy), Barcelona (Spain)

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Jodgjakarta & Jakarta (Indonesia)
Osaka, Tokyo (Japan)